Coin Price 24h % Launches Weekly HODL & Earn Fridays Round #6: BTC | ETH | ~ Annual Interest Rate of 7%

2020-09-03 16:06:29Read:19831 HODL & Earn launched the first "Weekly Hold & Earn (7 days)" products for major cryptocurrencies on the 31st of July and received an overwhelming response from our community. The first four HODL & Earn Fridays were all sold out during the first hours of the sale (enter the HODL & Earn page via

To cater to user’s demand, will be launching another round of HODL & Earn Fridays for BTC and ETH, starting on the 4th of September, 4:00 AM GMT. Total amounts to be locked were 100 BTC and 3,000 ETH, respectively, with an annual interest rate of 7% for both.

The details are as follows:

Web Users can purchase via (App users can click on HODL & Earn): HODL & Earn: BTC#6 (7 days): HODL & Earn: ETH#6 (7 days): HODL & Earn’s ‘HODL & Earn’ belongs to a series of crypto-asset management tools that guarantee a stable profit with less risk. With’s ‘HODL & Earn,’ users can earn interest with short or long term deposits. The Weekly HODL & Earn products started onJuly 31st and there will be new rounds launched every Tuesday and Friday, sold on a first-come-first-served basis. We will also launch more asset management tools for major cryptocurrencies and a wider selection of PoS & Earn products.

Purchase Rules for Weekly HODL & Earn Fridays Round #6

1) HODL & Earn: BTC#6 (7 days): The token to be locked is BTC, users will also receive interest in BTC. The annual interest rate is 7%. The total amount of BTC to be locked is 100. HODL & Earn: ETH #6 (7 days): The token to be locked is ETH, users will also receive interest in ETH. The annual interest rate is 7%. The total amount of ETH to be locked is 3,000.

2) Both sales will start at 4:00 AM GMT September 4th, 2020. Sales prioritization is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

3) During the first 10 minutes of the launch, users need to be VIP tier 3 and above to participate. The purchase limit will be calculated based on users' GT holdings.

Below are the requirements for GT holdings:

4) Ten minutes after the launch, the campaign is open to all users regardless of their VIP tier or GT holdings ; but hot products may have been sold out during the first ten minutes.

5) Principles and profits will be distributed after the lockup period.

Please note that HODL & Earn products are fixed-earning investment; once the user places an order, the principle will be locked up and interest will be procured until the lockup period expires; users cannot withdraw their funds in advance; please proceed with caution when making an investment. is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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Sep 3,2020

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